AMX Light Controller Replacement

This is a guide on how to replace your AMX Light Controller.

Before you attempt anything, make sure you have tried everything listed in this article
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Tools needed

- 5mm Hex Key

- Tape (preferably masking tape)

- Screwdriver (optional)

- A bike wheel spoke (or a tiny hook, of you don't have any you can modified a coat hanger to make one, see picture below)

Before you start

If you don't have a bike stand you might want to place your bike upside down so it's much easier to work on. If you do so, make sure you rotate the display inward so you won't damage it.

Use a 2.5mm Hex Key to loosen the display clamp.

Then simply rotate it so it won't touch the ground when you place your bike upside down.

1. Getting all the cables out

The first step is to get all the cables out.

Start by disconnecting the motor cable

Using the spoke, start gently pulling out the cables one by one.

Here is the list of cables:

  • Rear brake cable
  • Motor cable
  • Pedal sensor cable (flat cable)
  • Rear light cable (the one with a spiral cable) and front light cable, which are both connected to the Light Controller

Once you got everything out you can disconnect the front and rear light JST connectors as well as the 2 pin Yellow Light Controller cable. You can then replace the DC Controller unit.

3. Tidy up

Gently tuck all the cables back inside the frame, start with the big ones (Light Controller, then Pedal Sensor cable, Motor and Rear Brake cable should go last.

See the picture below to see how it should looks like

Once you've put everything back in place you can re-connect your motor cable, make sure the arrows aligns and that the cable goes all the way to the line.

You're all done! Your lights will now be fully operational.

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