There is a noise coming from the cranks, pedals or bottom bracket of my AMX

If you are experiencing noise coming from the cranks, pedals or bottom bracket of an AMX it is important to find the source.

The most common reasons can be resolved below:

If the noise persists, it is likely the bottom bracket is not at the correct torque. Please follow the steps below to torque your bottom bracket correctly.

WARNING Before you start, do not attempt to remove the Bottom Bracket, if you need to service or remove the BB, please check this article.

Fixing a creaky Bottom Bracket

This operation requires specific bike tools, therefore it is best to leave that operation to a bike shop. If you are experiencing a creaky BB, reach out to us on

1. Remove the left crank arm

Use an 8mm Hex Key to remove the left crank arm bolt.

Use a crankset extractor tool (we use the Park Tool CCP-22 in this guide) to remove the crank arm on the left side.

2. Tighten the bottom bracket left cup to 35nm

Use a Torque Wrench and a Bottom Bracket Removal Tool to tight the shell to 35Nm.

Once you've torqued the cup properly, you can place the crank arm back. Slide it onto the BB axle and use the 8mm hex key to tighten the bolt (recommended torque is 50nm)

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