AMX Troubleshooting Guide - Display does not turn on

Step 2: The display (continued)

Before proceeding please ensure your battery is functioning correctly in the previous step. If your battery will not charge, or does not display its percentage when pressing the battery indicator on the battery, please log the issue and click here for further assistance.

Check your loom cable

If the display does not turn on, it may be possible that your loom cable is disconnected. The loom cable is the cable that connects to the display and brake cables at the front of the bike near the handlebars.

Give the cable a gentle pull, if you feel any resistance, do not pull hard, it will be connected correctly. If it slides out of the frame easily it has come disconnected inside the frame.

To reconnect the loom cable you must locate the loom connector in the frame and reconnect the loom. You can see a guide to expose the frame cabling here.

Inspect the display for damage/faults

Examples of faulty displays

As the display is mounted to the handlebars, it can be prone to damage. The display itself can also present faults with dead segment/pixels

If you believe your display has taken physical damage or is not functioning correctly, you can purchase a replacement here:

Replacing the display is a 2-minute plug-and-play fit.

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