What’s the difference between the AM1 and AMX?


The AM1 is our breakthrough range of ebikes; uniting a minimalist aesthetic, ultra light weight, and powerful motor assist to give an ebike that's perfect for the city.


The AMX is our latest and most advanced ebike, staying true to our ethos of minimalist aesthetic and a lightweight, agile ride - but adding in a host of upgrades from increased power to Integrated Lights and Belt Drive.

Key Differences:

- the AM1 utilises a 24V/200W system vs a 36V/250W system on the AMX

- the AM1 weighs from 13.5kg whilst the AMX is around 15kg - both are super-light by ebike standards

- the Standard Range Battery on the AM1 delivers 32km range whilst the Extended Range Battery featured on the AMX delivers 44km range

- The AMX features more integrated cabling for a cleaner appearance, Schwalbe urban specialist tyres to deliver a smooth ride in any urban environment, and Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive for a near silent and maintenance-free ride

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