AMX Disc Brake Adjustment and Troubleshooting

The below instructions are also applicable to the nothng e-bike

The AMX disc brakes require the correct setup to achieve their maximum performance. This is a precise process and a bit fiddly. Grab a cup of tea/coffee/other and lets get to it!

This guide is made using the front wheel calliper to illustrate but it is exactly the same process for the rear wheel.

1. Check that the wheel is correctly seated in the fork. If you are unsure, unscrew the two wheel axle bolts using a 15mm spanner, gravity will do the work and your wheel will seat naturally in the fork's dropout. Once it is seated correctly, tighten the axle bolts. You can see in the photo below that the wheel is firmly seated and centred.

2. Spin the wheel and visually check the disc, there should be little to no lateral movement on the disc. If the disc is moving more than 2mm on one side, your disc might be out-of-true.

Discs can be trued using a special tool or by going to a bike shop.

3. Turn the barrel adjusters on the brake lever and the calliper all the way in.

4. Release the 5mm cable bolt using the 5mm hex key turned anticlockwise.

5. Pull the brake cable tight (you can use a plier but your fingers will do too) and tighten the cable bolt using the 5mm hex key turned clockwise.

6. Loosen the 2 calliper mounting bolts using the 5mm hex key turning anti-clockwise.

7. Tighten the inner pad snug against the rotor by turning the adjustment piston clockwise using a 5mm hex key. Then loosen slightly by one quarter of a turn by turning anti-clockwise.

Never fully unscrew that adjustment piston, there is a spring loaded bearing that will jump free and is easily lost if you unscrew it completely.

8. Pull the brake lever tight. Keep the lever tight while you snug the calliper mounting bolts, we will fully tighten when we're happy with adjustment.

9. Further unscrew the adjustment piston by a quarter of a turn (counter clockwise) using the 5mm hex key.

10. Spin the wheel, if there isn't any noise and you are happy with the feel of the brake lever, tighten the mounting bolts fully (around 6n.m)

11. If there is any rubbing, you can unscrew the adjustment piston by a further quarter of a turn.

12. If there is still rubbing, visually check the pad alignment (you can use a piece of paper and a light to help). You can then manually move the calliper by unscrewing the top or bottom mounting bolt. See illustration below to illustrate how it should look.

Here is a great Parktool guide that is very comprehensive if you're still struggling with adjustment.

Parktool Guide

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