My AMX is not working

This guide is here to guide you step by step if your bike is not working in the way you expect. We have created it to give you the power to fix the most common problems quickly and efficiently to get you back riding your AMX asap. Try each step and after each step, test your AMX. If the issue is fixed, great! If not, move on to the next step

Check the battery

Is your battery charging?

Does the battery charge correctly when you plug it in the charger.

Is your battery fully charged?

Before you move onto the next steps, make sure your battery is fully charged, the battery needs to be charged for at least 3 hours to reach full capacity. If you think your battery is not giving you the expected range, check this article.

Is your battery on?

To turn on the battery, press the red button on the battery. If your battery is on, you should be able to check the battery level. If your battery is off you won't have any LEDs lighting up when you press the battery level button.

Is the battery correctly inserted?

Your battery needs to be pushed all the way down, you should hear a click when it is set correctly. Once it's in, use the strap to its tightest hole to hold the battery in place.

Check the display

Does the display turn on?

Turn on the display with a long press on the orange button on the side. If your display doesn't turn on, check the battery checkup above. One of the reason your disply is not turning on could be because your main loom cable is disconnected inside the frame, this is specially the case if you installed a different handlebar or stem and pulled or stretched the cable too much. If this is the case or if it is still not turning on after that, reach out to

Check your loom cable

If your display is not turning on, it may be possible that your loom cable is disconnected. The loom cable is the cable that connect the controller of the bike to the display, throttle and brake sensors. If you pulled too hard on the cable (by installing a stem extender for example) it is possible that you pulled it out. If you did pulled it out you will have to reconnect it.

Reset your display to factory settings

Check if your display is set-up to the right settings for your bike, you can check all the settings in the article below.

Check the display error code

Press the M button on the display until it display the error code, by default the error code is E00 (No error). If your display shows any other error code, reach out to

Does the display work when you ride the bike?

Your display should display your speed and battery level when you ride. You should also be able to see how many miles/km you've done by checking the odometer. If none of those is working, reach out to

Check the levels of assist

Make sure you choose a level of assist by using the display arrows < >. There is 5 levels of assist, if you go below the assist 1, your bike won't assist you and will behave like a regular push bike.

Check the rear motor

Check the motor cable

The motor cable is located on the rear chain-stay. Check if the motor cable is fully seated, if your cable is not seated properly, the tyre can rub against the housing of the cable and cause damage to the electronic wiring.

Check that it is correctly attached, the two arrows should meet at the engraved line.

You can also do a motor reset by un-plugging the cable and leaving the bike for 10 minutes. Then plug it back.

Check the brake levers sensor

Unplug the brake levers electronic safety cable on each brake. Then try to turn the pedals and see if the motor kicks, try the walk assist mode too (see next step). If your motor is working you have a faulty brake, contact Analog Motion support to get a replacement.

Check the pedal sensor

Does the motor kicks when you start turning the pedals? Try pedalling forward and backward too. If your motor only kicks when you pedal backward, your bottom bracket is installed the wrong way. See article below. If your motor doesn't start when you are pealing forward, move onto the next step.

Check the walk assist mode

You can test if the motor is working by triggering the walk assist mode. To do so, lift the rear wheel so its off the ground and long press the minus arrow (<) on the display for 3 seconds. It should activate the motor. You should also see a walking assist icon on the bottom right of your display. If your motor doesn't start, move onto the next step.

Check for wheel resistance

Spin the rear wheel. Does it spins freely? If you find the wheel hard to spin, try the instructions below.

Using a 19mm spanner, check if the two rear wheel bolts are not over-tight. Untighten them so they're slightly loose, then use your fingers to have them just finger tight against the dropout. Lift the rear wheel off the ground and try the pedal assist and the walk assist mode. If the motor works again, use the 19mm spanner to tighten the bolt fully (the recommended torque is 33-45nm). If your motor doesn't start, move onto the next step.

Does your motor make any noise?

If your rear motor makes a tiny clicky noise when you try to use the walk assist mode. Or if it does makes any unusual noise, reach out to

Check all cables

Check every cables, unplug every cable and check for any bent pin. Once you're done, carefully plug every cable, the two arrows and the groove inside each connector should help you line them up properly.

If after any of the above you are still experiencing issues, reach to with a clear statement of your problem. Please attach videos and photos to help us assist you.

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