How to replace your belt

This is a guide on how to replace the belt on your nothng e-bike, AMX CLASSIC LE & AMX STEP LE.
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Break the frame

Start by locating the two 4mm hex bolt on the left right side of the bike. This is called a frame break, and it allows you to break the frame open so you can slide your belt in and out (as the belt is in one piece opposed to a chain that can be broken in two).

Using a 4mm hex key, loosen the 2 bolts, so you can remove that piece.

Rear wheel removal

Start by disconnecting the rear motor cable, you may have to snap the zipties that hold the cable in place to do so.

You can then use a 19mm spanner to undo the two rear wheel axle bolts

You can then slide down the wheel.

Remove the belt from the frame

Once the wheel is off, you can slide the belt out of the frame and replace it.

Make sure the belt is correctly sitting on the freewheel and the chainring. The belt have a groove in the middle and should be placed on the corresponding groove on the chainring and freewheel.

Make sure you re-connect the rear motor cable and use new zipties to hold it close to the chain-stay before you ride your bike.

Adjust the belt tension

After changing your belt you may have to re-tension it.

Check the guide below if you need to re-tension your belt.

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