How to adjust the belt tension?

This is a guide on how to adjust the belt tension on your nothng e-bike, AMX CLASSIC LE & AMX STEP LE.

Start by locating the two 5mm hex bolt on each side of the dropouts.

Using a 5mm hex key, loosen the 4 bolts, do not loosen completely, just enough to give the wheel holder some slack.

Then, locate the stopper screws, there is one on each side of the dropouts.

You can use a 4mm hex key to adjust the screw.

By turning clockwise you will push the wheel closer towards the front of the bike, by turning counter-clockwise you give the wheel more slack to be pushes toward the rear of the bike. If your belt have too much tension, you want to get the wheel closer to the front, if your belt have too much slack you want to have the wheel pulled towards the rear of the bike.

You can then adjust the position of your wheel, make sure you adjust each side to the same settings so your wheel is perfectly aligned in between the chain stays.

You shouldn't have to adjust more than a few quarters of turns.

You can use Gates apps to set the right amount of tension.

Apple app

Google app

Once you're done, screw back the 4 dropout screws.

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