My AMX Lights are not turning on

This is a guide to help you find out why the AMX lights are not turning on as you would expect.

Before we go any further, please ensure the assembly instructions have been followed correctly.

AMX Light Instructions

Then test that the lights can be turned on and off

How to turn the AMX lights on and off

Try resetting your display

Reset your AMX Display

Front light is working but Rear does not

If the front light works but the rear light does not, the light cables are connected the wrong way round, there is a guide to check this here.

I've inserted my Rear Light Cables the wrong way round on my AMX

If the light is connected the right way round, your rear light requires replacement. The replacement can be purchased by clicking here.

Front and rear lights are not working

If both lights are not working after performing the above tests, you may have blown the light controller. This can present itself in a few ways.

- Front and rear lights are on when the battery is inserted (regardless of whether the AMX is on or off)

- Front and rear lights are on but flickering

This suggests your light controller has blown. you can follow our guide below:

AMX Light Controller Replacement

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