Power adjustment of your AMX

We designed the AMX to be a high performance urban e-bike. You can customise the power delivery of your AMX in 3 ways: Assist level, Pedal assist strength, and speed limit.

Assist level

The AMX has 5 assist levels from '1' (lowest) to '5' (highest). Assist level '0' turns the pedal assist off.

  1. Provides maximum battery range with a low power assist
  2. Slightly more power than 1 with minimal affect on battery range
  3. Best of both. A good compromise of battery range and power
  4. Provides high-assist for a dynamic ride
  5. Maximum 'high-assist'.

Please note, assist mode 5 can increase battery degradation if used excessively

Due to the ergonomic design of the AMX display, we recommend changing assist levels throughout your ride to adapt to the situation and conditions.

Pedal-assist strength

Pedal-assist strength describes the delivery of power when the pedal assist initiates. It's subtle but can provide a bit of extra oomph if increased, or less of a hard start if decreased. You can increase or decrease the pedal-assist strength in setting P14 (check this article to access the display settings). Values range from '0' (lowest) to '5' (highest). The default value for all AMX is 3.

Speed Limit

Before riding, make sure your AMX display is set to your chosen speed limit. Your chosen speed limit will affect your battery range and the speed at which your motor will stop assisting. To change your speed limit, follow this video.

The gear ratio provides a comfortable cadence at the speed you will find yourself travelling the most on the AMX; between 25kmph and 32kmph.


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