My battery range has decreased

There are a variety of factors that can affect the battery range such as terrain, wind direction, temperature, rider effort and so on. Please also be aware that a new battery requires approximately 10 charge cycles (fully charged to fully depleted) to reach peak performance.

If your new battery has had over 10 charge cycles, the first thing to do is some mechanical checks. These will make sure that there is nothing mechanical is causing additional assist and thus, depleting the battery faster. You can test this by elevating the wheels (when it is safe to do so) and turning the pedals to feel if there is any resistance.

If you feel any resistance there are a few checks below to identify possible causes:

Chain/Belt tension

If your chain/belt is too tight it may be causing additional resistance. This can be resolved by setting a slightly looser chain tension.

Brakes rubbing

If you can hear/see the brakes rubbing this may also be causing additional friction and will require a brake adjustment.

Tyre pressure

Ensure your tyres are pumped to the recommended pressure (see the side of the tyre). This may seem minor but can have a dramatic effect on your battery range if they are too soft.

If your battery/bike has not been in use for some time

If you are storing your bike you must follow the storage guide in our user manual. Please be aware a recently stored battery can behave like a new battery and require 10 cycles to balance the cells to reach peak performance.

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