AMX Bolts and Nuts Sizes

Bolts and Nuts sizes

All the below sizes are also applicable to the nothng e-bike

Rear wheel nut: M12 x 1.25mm (screw size x pitch)

Front wheel nut: M10 x 1.0mm (screw size x pitch)

Handlebar / Stem bolt: M6x20mm (screw size x length)

Seat clamp bolt: M6X20mm (screw size x length)

Controller bolts: M5x12mm (screw size x length)

Fenders and rack bolts: M5x12mm (screw size x length)

Dropouts bolts: M6x14mm (screw size x length)

Frame break bolts: M6x16mm (screw size x length) button head

Other useful information

Seatpost diameter: 30.4mm

Seatpost clamp: 34.9mm

Steerer: 1 1/8"

Handlebar clamp diameter: 25.4mm

Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm

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