What Accessories can I fit?

The AM1 and AMX share 90% of their components with a standard bicycle.

If you are considering an accessory such as rear rack, front rack, kickstand, child's seat, trailer, etc, we cannot guarantee the fitment of any 3rd party accessory (we recommend consulting the manufacturer of the accessory).

Any specifications of the bike you may require to make your assessment, please first consult our full specification.

To help you, here is a guide of accessories that AM1 and AMX owners have tried and confirmed they do fit.

This is a suggestion of accessories that may fit according to AM owners. We do not provide support on 3rd-party accessories.

Rear racks

AMX Rear Rack

The AMX has wide 28" 2.0" tyres so ensure your chosen rack is compatible with these.

Known 3rd Party racks that fit are:

AM1 Rear Rack

We supply a specific rear rack for the AM1 (see here)

Front racks

Child seats

As stipulated in our AMX User Manual, No Analog Motion electric bicycles are approved for mounting child carriers. Any use of child carriers is at your own risk.

Dog carrier


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