Are the bikes eligible for subsidies available in France?


All of our bikes are EN15194 compliant are eligible for the subsidies available in France, and a large number of our existing customers have already claimed these

Your invoice will be sent by email when your order is dispatched, and the EN15194 certificate can be downloaded below:


Analog Motion EN15194 Certificate of Conformity.pdf

nothng / AMX:

Analog Motion EN15194 AMX Certificate of Conformity.pdf

Notes regarding applications:

We are aware the guidelines request an invoice in French and in Euros. These are not strict requirements and we can confirm most of our customers have successfully claimed the subsidies using English invoices denominated in GBP. Our bikes are eligible for the subsidies available and we can provide support if required

Invoice language: If you view our online store in French then your invoice will be provided in French. For Indiegogo invoices we will translate the key phrases to reduce the likelihood of any queries or delays to the subsidy application process

Currency: Invoices are provided in the transaction currency for your purchase, GBP (£) only, we cannot provide invoices in any other currency. Whilst GBP (£) invoices are almost always approved without issue, we recommend including a screenshot of the exchange rate for the Invoice Date of your purchase to facilitate the smooth-processing of your subsidy application

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