Setting Speed Limit on OLED Display Models

DANGER! Before riding, You must set the speed limit in the display to comply with your local laws regional legislation.
  1. Long-press the Power Button to turn the display on
  2. Press and hold the 'M' button
  3. Once in the menu, navigate to the 'Speed' setting
  1. Press the 'M' button to enter the limit setting
  2. Set your desired limit using the table below.
  1. To save your chosen speed limit, navigate to 'Exit' and press the 'M' button.
  2. Turn the display off and on to activate your chosen setting.

Limit Setting
Speed Limit


Used for testing purposes.


For riders in any region who would like a speed limit slower than 25kmph.


EU / UK Road Legal

25kmph (15.5mph) assisted speed limit. Required for EPAC compliance


26kmph - 31kmph

For riders in the US region who would like a speed limit faster than 25kmph, but slower than the maximum allowed speed of 32kmph


US Road Legal

32kmph (20mph) assisted speed limit

22 - 40

Off-road use only

Speed limits faster than 32kmph

Please refer to your local laws to ensure road legality.

NOTE! Some displays show a 'KM/H' or 'MPH' symbol on the Limit setting mode. This does not denote the speed limit. Please refer to the Limit Setting in the table above for the correct speed limit.

How do I know if I have an 'OLED Display'?

This guide is for the OLED display only.

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