AMX Speed Limit Setup

AMX Speed Limit Setup

The below instructions are also applicable to the nothng e-bike
If your display looks different to the one in the video, with an orange power button on the top of the display, you have an OLED display. Follow this guide. (Click here)
DANGER! Before riding, You must set the speed limit in the display to comply with your local laws regional legislation.
  1. Long-press the orange Power Button to turn the display on
  2. Press the two arrows button simultaneously
  3. Then use the arrows to navigate to P10
  4. Once you've reached P10, press the orange Power Button
  5. You can then adjust the speed limit using the arrow buttons.
  6. To save your chosen speed limit, press the orange Power Button
  7. Long-press the orange Power Button to turn the display off
Warning! Please refer to your local laws to ensure road legality.


Legal Speed Limit

EU / UK (Required for EPAC Compliance)





Please check for any local limits to ensure you can legally operate your AMX in your location

Please note, using speed limits of over 32kmph will dramatically increase battery degradation.

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