nothng / AMX Warranty

The nothng and AMX ebikes have a 2 year comprehensive warranty, with 1 year warranty for the battery. The warranty covers manufacturing faults only and not issues as a result of excessive use, abuse or physical damage. A summary of the components covered below.


Warranty length

Battery, Charger

1 year

Motor, Controller, Loom, Display

2 year

Lights, handlebar, stem, crank, brake levers, light controller, Frame, Fork

2 year

Consumables including; brake pads, brake rotors, inner tubes, tyres, handlebar grips, saddle, seatpost, pedals, bottom bracket, headset (and bearings), Gates CDN belt, Gates freewheel, Gates front cog, rims, spokes, bell.

30 days

Warranty parts will be supplied via post/local courier and can be new, as-new or manufacturer refurbished parts.

This warranty also applies to the Analog Motion AM1 range.

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